Vulpix + Firestone = T-T

•December 18, 2009 • 2 Comments

I say such silly things when I’m drunk! And, in addition to making silly posts, I tend to get taken advantage of.

Shortly after finishing my post last night, I was getting ready for bed, and instead I was raped repeatedly by my little sister and her accomplice. I was also handcuffed to the bed and whipped by my sister’s cat o’ nine tails. Luckily, she didn’t whip me very hard, so I just had red marks on my back. And bottom =(

Anyway, I didn’t learn my lesson at all, and I’m drunk and sleepy again tonight ^_^ So, I’m off to bed! I’ll post about it tomorrow, I hope! :3

The Rambler

•December 17, 2009 • 1 Comment

I want to share with you all… a work story! Don’t worry, it involves titties [No, spell-check, I don’t mean “kitties” or “ditties”!]. Very briefly, though. Almost not even worth mentioning, to be honest. In fact, you’ll be disappointed! But that’s why I’m narcissistic :3 I move… for no man.

So anyways, I think I posted about it before, but I’m my boss’s assistant now ^_^ And part of that was that I got my own assistant. Which was weird @_@ A secretary with a secretary?

So, yeah! I didn’t even know what I would need an assistant for >.> I guess I could send them for coffee? I can just pick up my own coffee while I’m getting my boss’s and drawing silly designs in the creamy frothy stuff at the top! I can understand why she needs one, since she’s busy every moment of the day, and still busy once she gets home… but I work only a few hours a day and go home and masturbate :3

But then I figured it out, and she’s there to do more of the manual, menial tasks… like if I’m drawing up a proposal and want to make a graph over time, I’m supposed to send her to get the info I need from the archives, which is a very tedious and icky job (so dusty!!).

The problem is that her name is Brittany! Sorry if anyone reading this is named Brittany, but I tend to stereotype names a lot… and someone named Brittany is blonde and stuck-up, to me! Kind of like my name, Vivian, carries a certain stereotype which I’m sure I fit ^_^ And Crystal, too! What a hippie name… and she’s a total hedonist!

Anyway, Brittany is kind of cute, I guess… most guys would probably rate her like a 9 or 10… she looks like a Barbie, or a model, or something. Her face is that kind of perfect, sharp, angular-enough-to-give-Ayn-Rand-a-boner kind of face. I find it unattractive, but then again, I find fancy cars to be hideous and love the pristine beauty of an LAV 300 amphibious APC whatever that thing is, or a SCUD missile launcher, or the P-38 bomber <3 Maybe I’m a butch lesbian ^_^ I don’t necessarily agree with the military, but I’ve always loved their vehicles ^_^ Whereas I saw a porsche today (I think a Cayman? I don’t know cars that well) with a spoiler just as tall as the car itself, making it look like a giant baby stroller x_x Eeeeew, they paid money for that?

I digress! Ummmm… oh, right! Brittany had some nice tits @_@ I don’t know what it is, but there’s something in genetics that says when a girl has that pert, upturned nose and a prissy personality, she has to have small-yet-exquisite boobs. Brittany showed them off by wearing tight blouses and colored bras v.v What a waste of sexiness! Even worse was her tramp stamp; in a professional setting, I shouldn’t be able to tell that she has a tramp stamp! Sheeesh! Why do these pretty girls make themselves look like trash?

So, my boss hated her and sent her to the mail room pretty quickly >.> I’m too lazy to hate people, but really, my generation is so lame v.v Brittany would text all day at work, and not get anything done… it’s kind of like what Adam Carolla was saying in one of his rants, something like “You know you were a bad employee when you get fired for something stupid, like chewing gum…” aaaaaaaand, that’s basically what happened to Brittany, she was removed on a technicality… Whereas I could text all day and wear a red bra with a semi-sheer shirt and my boss wouldn’t care, because I’m so adorable <3 Ok, it’s mostly because I get things done, and help her with anything she needs, but I doooo draw silly pictures in her coffee! Also, sometimes she asks me for a phone number to some weird, obscure department/person that we never call, just to test me! Like she asked for a Mr. Soandso’s extention, and I told her it was 3880, and when she asked how I knew it, I just said I had looked at the phone list recently… but in reality, it’s because that Mr. Soandso is kind of… round and chubby… and so is the extention 3880 (all round numbers!) and he reminds me of Dr. Robotnik, and the 88 in the middle reminds me of a moustache because it’s symmetrical….

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyways,  that was a really long way of saying that Daniel is my assistant now!!! It was kind of weird, at first, because we were both in the same position (office bitch) and then I moved up, and hardly saw him anymore v.v And then when I did see him, it was kind of awkward because I’d be asking him for stuff, from a higher position or something… I dunno, I felt really awkward! But then I was chatting with him, and we ended up having drinks after work with his girlfriend! (Him having a girlfriend made it much less awkward, because I was worried I’d come onto him too much before!). And I mentioned how my boss needed to find me an assistant, and he was up for it!

So, he starts on Monday, I think, but it’ll be fun!! I’ll ask him to see me, and when he comes in I’ll lock the door and he’ll be like “mew?” and I’ll be like “rawr!” and I’ll bend him over my desk and make him pull down his underwear and I’ll masturbate on his booty, just like in Secretary!

This has to be the most pointless post ever @_@ I’ll suck off a hobo* tomorrow to make up for it!

*lol jk


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Just a couple pictures I uploaded to imgur so I can show people! Just silly anime porn, nothing fappable for a normal human :3 “Ruined for marriage” hehehehe

Ok that was a lame post. Oh well :3

All I need is a trenchcoat…

•December 12, 2009 • 2 Comments

I should be going to bed, but I have so much to post about! More like 2 things, really. Maybe 3. Ok, on with it!

First, just a little bit ago, my little sister came up to me and said, “Look at this.” I did, and she spread her pussy a little bit, and a big blob of cum oozed out of it and dripped onto her thigh. It was kind of gross >.>

The next, sexier story is that I went shopping today! It’s raining, so I wore a zip-up sweater and a cute little skirt. And nothing else >:3 It’s kind of a thin sweater too, so it was really obvious that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It was pretty busy, so lots of people saw <3 It was fun! The nice thing about wearing naughty stuff to a store is that you might get lots of disapproving stares, but it’s not like they’re going to call the police or anything. So, I got brave and unzipped the sweater pretty far, almost to my belly button! It still stayed mostly closed, but teasing is way sexier than just flashing everyone. Just a slit of bare skin showing that I’m completely naked under my sweater :3 So many guys were looking, too! I also thought it was funny, because there were some guys dressed all gangstery, and I could hear them talking about me (in a good way, like “daaaaaaaamn check that girl out” or something), and they were buying gift cards >.> I just can’t imagine a gangsta christmas XD “Merry christmas, dawg!”

But the best thing was that Shannon slept over again last night! I’m such a pervert around her… I should be ashamed, but I’m not.

Mostly, it was uneventful. It’s cute when she gets in bed with me, though! She gets under the covers with all her clothes on, and then takes them off and sets them on the nightstand all neatly folded. I prefer to undress in front of her, showing off my cute body >:3 I catch her staring at my boobs a lot, though, so she likes it ^_^

We slept in really late this morning, too! It’s so fun to just lay in bed and cuddle. While we were laying there, my sister walked in and went “Oops! I didn’t mean to walk in on you two!” and got something from her desk and went back to her room. Then I had to explain to Shannon that my sister was implying that we’d had sex, since we were under the covers with our bare shoulders showing. She was embarrassed, and I like that ^_^ I’m so mean! But then I was even meaner…

When I finally decided to take a shower, I got a change of clothes together while she watched. Then I got my hairbrush, deodorant, and leopardy vibrator and headed to the bathroom. I did it kind of quickly, and nonchalantly, but I made sure she got a glimpse. Then when I got in the shower, I was even more aroused, and decided to leave it in there. I set it on its side on the counter, kind of off to the side by the dixie cup popper-upper thing… not really obvious, but unmissable. I didn’t even use it; I can’t masturbate while standing up, and I don’t like laying in bathtubs. I’m just a dirty old pervert, and wanted to leave my vibrator where Shannon would see it, and think I was masturbating in the shower <3

Cockholm Syndrome

•December 10, 2009 • 2 Comments

Lots of good stuff has happened!

First, I got to give Jason a blowjob again ^_^ He’s so aggressive when we do that, but he knows I get turned on by that. I was just drinking and watching silly stuff online, and he told me to come over to him. Then he said to get on my knees, and started unzipping his pants, and I got incredibly aroused. I’m such a submissive masochist or something… plus it reminded me of that scene from Firefly :3

He was already hard, so his cock kinda sprung out, and he put his hand on my head and pulled my mouth onto it. I started going back and forth, and I was looking up at him and he had such an evil smile on his face ^_^ I think I’m getting better at sucking him, too, because he built up to orgasm a lot faster than usual! I could feel the muscles in it tightening and bulging, and when I started sucking him hard, he made a surprised gasp noise.

Then, he told me he was going to cum in my mouth. I shook my head no, but he’s mean and right when I knew he was going to cum, I tried to stop but he grabbed my head and wouldn’t let me go. I put my tongue flat against the tip of his cock to try to block his cum, but it squirted out anyway. He came a lot, too! I spit it into my hand and I had to keep it from spilling. Then I wiped it on his chest for being mean! But even though it was icky, I was still really wet and had to masturbate. Jason tried to do it for me, but for some reason I prefer to masturbate myself, hehe. Kind of like how I love giving gifts, but I feel awkward when I’m given one >.>

Then!! The day before yesterday, I finally worked up the nerve to ask Shannon if she played with herself. She’s so open with me, now, I love it ^_^ I asked online, of course, because it’s easier to talk about that kinda stuff online. I’m sure if I asked in real life, she’d blush and freeze up, but online she’s able to be a lot more open! I’m sure she was blushing, still <3 As for me, whenever I ask her naughty things, I get turned on, but also I start to shiver out of nervousness or something… it’s weird! Also, my wimpy tummy muscles get tired because I tighten them up without realizing it.

She told me about the one time she masturbated, which was in the shower. It was only a couple years ago, too! And she decided to finally try it (she knew about it, just didn’t do it) and tried the showerhead method, and when that didn’t work she used conditioner, and that did work! She’s so adorable, though… she said that it felt good, but that she didn’t like feeling herself. She goes to church, so I’m sure there’s some kind of guilt instilled in her, too (those mean church people, making my mousey girl ashamed!) but she said that mostly it just felt gross to touch that part. I agree with that, too! I definitely don’t like my pussy! It’s nice, as far as pussies go, but it’s still an icky hole with flaps and slime inside! Boobs are much cuter <3 Also cocks :3

Anyway, we talked for a while about it, and I came up with a plan! I didn’t tell her about it, though. I just had her come over yesterday, and we went on a fun trip! Unfortunately, it didn’t involve me raping her with a strap-on, though. That’s a good thing, though, because I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing her sad and ruined for marriage!

Crystal and Jason came along, and behaved themselves quite well! Shannon’s getting used to my friends (I’ve introduced her to a few, and she hangs out with my sister and Jason a lot), but I don’t think she’s quite comfortable enough for our drunken, naked antics >.>

We went to a fun little store called The Crypt, over in Hillcrest ^_^ If any of you are in San Diego, you should visit sometime! It’s a naughty store >:3 They have lots of neat leather and lingerie and stuff that I could never get away with wearing! They also a whole wall of whips and riding crops @_@ My sister bought a cat o’ nine tails, and some other whip. I am scared ._.  I think she just got them because they’re fun to have, though. Kind of like replica swords and daggers. I’m never going to use my katana, but it’s fun just having it. I can’t really see my sister doing BDSM stuff… it’s all too silly! Like a parody of aggressive sex, or something. She just has the aggressive sex, without the costume ^_^

It was adorable when Shannon came in! She kind of looked around, took a full 5 or 10 seconds to realize what everything was, and turned completely red. She was blushing for almost the entire time we were in there, and I don’t think she ever left my side. I’m such a mean person, aren’t I?

She also got carded when she went in! I went to the Crypt a couple days after I turned 18, and I was never carded… and I’ve never seen anyone get carded in there! I wonder if that makes me a pedo, being so attracted to a girl who looks so young that even the sex store people don’t believe she’s 18 v.v It was fun watching her try to get her ID out, though! I had to help her pull it out of her wallet, because she was so nervous. The guy working the store was really nice, though, so Shannon wasn’t too embarrassed.

We looked around at all the stuff… it was so tempting to buy a corset! They’re so sexy! I don’t think I can wear sexy stuff, though. My sister could, but then she has a flat chest so a corset would probably look silly, too. I did spare Shannon the “gay room,” though. They have a back room with naked men everywhere! Gay postcards, gay porn, gay magazines… it’s a fun room to go in ^_^ Really, that whole store is like a candy store for pervs <3

While Jason and my sister were looking at other stuff, I discreetly took Shannon over to some of the vibrators. She was so shy, and was so quiet I couldn’t hear what she was saying sometimes. It was so fun, explaining the different kinds there were, and trying to figure out what would be best for Shannon. We eventually picked out a really nice bullet-style vibrator. I figured she’s still to cute and proper to start with a regular vibrator like Leopardy Purr, and those bullet ones do feel pretty good, and you don’t even have to stick them in you! Also, I got a glass dildo of my own, so I don’t have to use my sister’s :3 It’s so pretty!

I haven’t asked Shannon if she’s used her vibrator yet… I’m such a mean person, corrupting her like I do… but I’m being nice about it, too, and want to let her get used to stuff gradually :3 Or maybe I’m just being manipulative, and I’m simply a mean person v.v Still, it’s so much fun being naughty with her! And she seems to like it a lot, too… it’s kind of like how kids play doctor. She was never able to do that, and now she’s finally getting to explore the sexual side of life. She’s adorably shy when she does so, but I can tell she enjoys it, too.

Post Mousey Stress Disorder

•December 6, 2009 • 11 Comments

I’ve spent the past three days with Shannon ^_^ I still have to collect my thoughts into something coherent, but basically it was non-stop happy, and we slept together each night wearing nothing but panties <3

Naturally, I’m extremely horny. Also, I refrained from alcohol while she was here, so I’m extremely drunk, too! My sister seems to have had some pent-up horniness, too, since she spent the better part of the evening on her back (by which I mean Jason fucked the stuffing out of her tiny little body on the floor of our living room). =)

Pros: Having to maintain some semblance of restraint has caused my body to go into horny overdrive. All I want to do is rub myself! Alcohol, being magical as it is, makes my pussy numb, so I can rub myself with abandon and I never cum ^_^ Somehow, I find a way to cum when I’m ready, but up until then it’s non-stop masturbation! I could hardly feel my vibrator, so I stole my sister’s huge glass dildo. It feels so great! I can feel every little bump and ridge as it goes inside of me, and it stretches my pussy wonderfully ^^ I hope I don’t get addicted to it, because I might end up with a big ugly floppy pussy v.v Then again, my sister uses it every night (plus she’s a slut) and her pussy is still tight enough that she has to adjust to 2 fingers width of penetration.

Cons: See, I wrote the “pros” part because I was going to follow up with a “cons” part, but now I can’t remember what it was. So basically I’m 100% happy and going to keep masturbating ^_^

Oh wait I remember what it was now! My sister finished a round of sex, and came into my room to chat, and gave me a really deep kiss, and her lips tasted like cum. I’m sure she did it on purpose, too!

Ok back to masturbating! Meow!!!! <3

A day in the life of a day off of Vivi’s life of

•December 2, 2009 • 4 Comments

I’m incredibly lazy on my days off ^_^ In fact, I’m probably being lazy by writing about my day off, since that means less to write about!

So, I’ll start with the beginning, since nobody likes non-chronological Momento-like out-of-orderness.

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light. And God saw the light. And it was good. And God separated the light from the darkness.

I only have that part of Genesis memorized because of a techno song :3

Anyways, I slept in until about 8:30am, which is 3 hours later than I usually sleep. I woke up with my sister’s naked body against me, which is really warm and soft! So, I snuggled against her, and she halfway woke up, and I was half asleep too, because we kind of snuggled and pet each other for over an hour, yet it seemed like only a few minutes. It’s like, I’ll move my body against hers, and she’ll put her arm around me, and then she gropes me, and I whine, and that only encourages her, and I roll onto my tummy, and she sprawls an arm and leg on top of me, and stuff like that. And the whole time, we’re falling in and out of a shallow sleep, and time passes really quickly.

Eventually I decided it was time to get up, and we took a shower together ^_^ It feels so nice to have someone scrub your back for you! Like a warm, scratchy back rub. Other than that, though, it was a pretty normal shower… no cheesy porno music or rubbing our soapy bodies together or anything like that :3

After the shower, I made breakfast while Crystal pestered me. I made hash brown sandwiches (which end up as a mess of hash brown, sausage, and eggs that you eat with a fork), and also cut up some fruit :3 Then, I chatted online for a couple hours and read random stuff on Reddit and Fark.

I started feeling frisky, and I had downloaded a few porn clips the other day, so we decided to watch them in the living room! I layed down on the floor and used the vibrator on myself, and my sister used her weird glass dildo that looks like a giant candy stick. The porn was kinda hot, so I was able to cum a couple times ^_^ Once I was satisfied, I helped my sister cum too, by licking her ear and petting her tummy and chest a bit :3

After that, I took a nap! (I am so lazy!). Then I got up, and played WoW with Shannon for a loooooong time. I made lots of naughty comments, like telling her how cute her boobs looked at the party, and stuff like that. I’m such a dirty old lady ^_^

And now, I’m having a drink, and reading Reddit again! It’s like my TV, I just stare at it and I’m entertained. Also, I’m going to watch a movie, and then probably masturbate again and then go to bed!

That is my boring day off :3

Oh, also, I don’t put on more than a pair of panties on my days off <3 Not even when I was cooking sausage!

Oh also again, somewhere between WoW and drinking, I made dinner =P I made Crystal make her own lunch, though >:3